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We hold the secret formula to producing entertaining and educational audio-visual content for children. Our portfolio contains content created for various channels: TraLaLa, BoonBoon, and LooLoo Kids. Together with our team of professionals we can develop the most creative projects.

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Your project can be provided with the best musicians and vocalists.

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The most appreciated productions

Great lyricists

Amazing lyricists dedicate their talents on a daily basis to our children. Kids are happily dancing to more beautiful lyrics.

The voices of childhood

A children's universe is built with special inspiring voices, full or personality and appealing to little ones.

Dedicated composers

Children are the most demanding music critics and only experienced composers and musicians can convince them to sing along to their music.

2D & 3D Animation

The dynamics and quality of the characters are very important to kids and getting a loyal audience could not have been accomplished without the help of the best animators.