■ One hundred thousand. One million. Ten million subscribers. These are the milestones to which most content creators on YouTube aspire to. The LooLoo Kids YouTube channel has surpassed 50 million subscribers, being the first one to achieve this, from Central and Eastern Europe. And the team behind LooLoo Kids is from Romania!

It took Ed Sheeran 16 years, Ariana Grande and Eminem reached 50 million subscribers in 15 years. The Romanian team from LooLoo Kids did it in just 8 years.

LooLoo Kids is known the world around for their nursery rhymes and educational content for toddlers, delivered through 3D animations. The content is offered in 17 languages: English – for the most part, but also Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Koreean, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Polish, Albanian.

LooLoo Kids has produced more than 200 original songs for kids, with a total of 520 minutes of 3D animations. Launched in August of 2014, the channel currently has over 50 million subscribers and over 30 billion views. The largest part of the audience is American, with over 4 billion views coming in from the USA, followed by Indonesia, India, Thailand, Great Britain and Brazil.

One of the most remarkable animations, “Johny, Johny, Yes Papa” is – according to Wikipedia, the third most watched video in the world, with over 6.5 billion views. The quality of the animations, script creativity and adaptation of the music to the young ones’ level are the main ingredients in the success story of the family from Iași, that first launched the TraLaLa YouTube channel, with songs and animations in Romanian, and then stepped onto the international stage.

Alexandru Badan, co-founder of LooLoo Kids: “We sing and dance for all the kids around the world, and this is what gives us the greatest delight; to entertain them, but especially to teach them, in a way that is best suited to their age, as learning through play is always the easiest. This achievement of surpassing 50 million subscribers is a great satisfaction to the entire team, but what gives us the most happiness is the appreciation that comes from parents and teachers, whether they are from Buenos Aires or Suceava!”

Dani Oros, marketing director Google Romania: “We are glad that a YouTube channel from Romania has reached such a global performance. Technology makes it possible for a team of passionate people from Romania to end up inspiring tens of millions of families, from all over the world, beyond any territorial or cultural borders. Congratulations to the LooLoo Kids team for all the hard work behind these results.“

The company that owns LooLoo Kids is Mora TV, founded in Iași, Romania. LooLoo Kids is only their largest YouTube channel, out of an ecosystem of over 30 channels, and their music and animations catalog is listed on all platforms and devices that families with children use. Part of the Mora TV portfolio is also TraLaLa, a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers, aimed at the Romanian audience, with songs and 3D animations for kids, among other cartoon channels dubbed in Romanian. Mora TV was established in 2012 by two Iași locals, Cristina and Alexandru Badan, who began with the TraLaLa YouTube channel with the purpose of creating original content for children.