Breaking Numbers in Global Views: LooLoo Kids

The beloved children’s series LooLoo Kids has hit a remarkable lifetime viewership of 70 billion, with 14.7 billion in 2023 alone, and boasting a monthly 1 billion views, setting new records on YouTube.

LooLoo Kids not only teaches children aged 0 to 3 about brushing their teeth but also fosters positivity and enthusiasm in toddler life. Expanding its reach, the series now offers content in over 20 languages worldwide on 80 YouTube channels. Among its many iconic achievements, their song “Johnny, Johnny Yes Papa” continues to be a standout success, remaining in the top 3 most viewed YouTube videos of all time with an astonishing 6.8 billion views.

LooLoo Kids has expanded its global footprint, bringing their cherished characters and consumer products to markets in Brazil, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Turkey. Among these regions, Brazil has emerged as a particularly vibrant market, recording significant success. The brand’s unique blend of engaging content and high-quality merchandise has resonated deeply with Brazilian audiences, showcasing the universal appeal of LooLoo Kids and solidifying their status as a beloved household name in the country.

2024 holds exciting prospects for LooLoo Kids, featuring live shows and an expanded range of toys for children globally. In an interview, the director of LooLoo Kids, Cristina Badan, says, “At LooLoo Kids, we pride ourselves on providing preschool children with top-quality 3D animation that’s not only visually captivating but also musically enriched. Our focus is on creating content that is both educational and entertaining, embodying the essence of what we believe preschool programming should be. Our commitment to this standard is what sets us apart and defines the core of LooLoo Kids.