Celebrating the Excitement of a New School Year Worldwide!

As parents around the world are sending their little ones back to school, LooLoo Kids, a renowned preschool content creator, is spreading the joy and excitement of this special time with the release of nine Back to School Albums. All these fresh nine albums are now available on Spotify, iTunes, and other audio platforms in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, Albanian, Hindi, and Polish. 

The Back to School Albums, each culturally adapted to its respective demographic, feature 11 delightful tracks designed to celebrate the beginning of the school year for children. These songs not only capture the thrill of starting school but also serve as valuable educational tools, teaching children essential concepts such as colors, manners, and numbers in their own language.

Cristina Badan, CEO of LooLoo Kids, expressed their enthusiasm for this monumental release, saying, “We are thrilled to simultaneously launch these albums in nine different languages. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing quality preschool content that is not only entertaining but also educational. Join us in celebrating the magic of learning and the boundless enthusiasm of childhood!

The Back to School Albums can be streamed on all audio platforms, and each album is thoughtfully curated to resonate with the unique cultural nuances of its target audience. Whether in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, Albanian, Hindi, or Polish, children and parents alike will find these albums to be a valuable addition to their Back to School preparations.

As LooLoo Kids aims to make this release a resounding success, they are reaching out to media outlets, influencers, and partners who can help increase the exposure of these albums. By sharing this exciting music and valuable educational content, LooLoo Kids hopes to make the Back to School season even more special for children and families worldwide.

In the year 2023, LooLoo Kids’ music labels achieved an impressive YoY performance growth on various audio platforms, surpassing the remarkable milestone of 10 million monthly streams on Spotify.

To access the Back to School Albums on Spotify, please visit the following links:

LooLoo Kids invites you to join in the celebration of the Back to School season and share in the excitement of learning and growth with children everywhere.

About LooLoo Kids: LooLoo Kids is a leading preschool content creator dedicated to entertaining and educating children worldwide. With more than 100 million subscribers on its YouTube network, successful on Roku and Mobile Apps, LooLoo Kids has built a vast library of engaging songs, animations, and educational content, LooLoo Kids aims to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience for children and parents alike. For more information, visit www.loolookids.com.