■ LooLoo Kids successfully replicates its winning YouTube model on all publishing platforms! Less than 2 years after launching its dedicated apps, LooLoo Kids is in a top position, whether we analyze the Android, Roku or Fire TV tops for children content.

LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs, currently ranking 15th in the top of the worldwide most viewed YouTube channels, began the construction of its own OTT infrastructure in 2019. This OTT development comes naturally. It has also been adopted by a majority of top content creators, because it allows them to help fans reach the valuable content they are loyal to.

The LooLoo Kids app is available on Android, IOS, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, and it offers its fans quick access to Johny & Friends, Musical Adventures, the show that children from all over the world love so much. Very shortly after being launched, LooLoo Kids reached the 1st place on Roku in Brasil and Mexico, and the fourth place in the USA, for two categories: Educational and Kids & Family. The USA and the UK have registered the largest number of LooLoo Kids downloads. This has placed the kids’ songs and nursery rhymes application in one of the first positions in Family/Music tops.

The fact that LooLoo Kids is a multi-language application has been the key to its success, together with kids’ having offline access to the content they desire, even when an internet connection is unavailable. We sing and we play with our little ones in their mother tongue, which makes everything feel much more familiar” – says Valentin Pintilescu, LooLoo Kids development manager.

At the moment, the application is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French and Italian, and we’re planning to add new languages as soon as possible.

Install now the LooLooKids App! Your kid will be more than thankful!