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Mora TV is an edutainment initiative that was wholeheartedly created with the intention of providing Romanian children with quality media content. Our educational endeavors are supported by an active team of over 50 professionals, musicians, lyricists, singers, and animators. Their excellence is essential to captivating one of the most selective audiences: kids!

Over 10 million minutes of our content is watched every day. We have so much content it would take one person 20 years to watch everything continuously. Every month, over 10 million children from all over the world watch our videos. They also add our videos to their playlists at a rate of 100,000 every month.

We believe in quality edutainment!

We’re animating and educating a new generation of children with original digital content, perfectly adapted for their development!

We sing and draw

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A fantastic team

Our large collection of quality digital content is produced by our team of exceptional media professionals.