■ Let’s learn how to wash our teeth properly! Let’s go to the dentist with joy!

■ This is the message that the new Tralala production, achieved in partnership with DM drogerie markt, sends to the children in the latest animation “Dinţişorii veseli” (“Happy Teeth”). ■ In a cheerful atmosphere, on exciting rhythms, the children learn that it is fun to brush your teeth and that the 2 minutes of brushing properly do well to the teeth and brightens up any visit to the dentist.

Dințișorii veseli” (“Happy Teeth”) is an educational song for kindergarten children, created by TraLaLa along with the friends from DM drogerie markt. With the help of this song, children learn how important it is to wash their teeth properly and how friendly a visit to a dentist can be.

The oral hygiene of the little ones is very important for their harmonious development, being a responsibility for us, whether we are parents or educators. We were delighted when DM Markt proposed us to make together an educational material that would help children learn to brush their teeth properly and overcome the fears associated with visiting a dentist. The result of the collaboration between TraLaLa, the largest influencer among children in Romania and a retailer specialized in oral hygiene products is a communication project with relevant educational, quality content and, at the same time, entertaining for children.

We have received very good feedback from both children and parents alike and we hope that other companies will follow the DM markt example by directly addressing children with relevant messages and their meaning, choosing channels appropriate to their age. Through music and lyrics, children learn much easier, and any educational approach has more chances of success.

By means of this educational animation and the Crocodinţilă character, we wish for the children to develop a positive and responsible attitude towards their health, to go to the dentist with joy and understand the wonderful effect that brushing and 2 minutes of washing their teeth correctly has on the general state of health and their joy.” said Valentin Pintilescu, TraLaLa Marketing Director.

The newest Tralala animation, „Dințișorii veseli” (“Happy Teeth) was designed taking into account the advice of oral hygiene specialists from DM drogerie markt, wishing to represent a help for parents who daily face the difficulty of explaining to children of early age the importance of brushing one’s teeth after every meal, of the correct brushing technique and dental visits.

The attractive musical background, the memorable lyrics, the optimal duration of 2 minutes, ideal for a correct brushing, but also the mascot character, Crocodințilă, accompany the children in the adventure of brushing their teeth, guiding them and encouraging them towards a proper dental hygiene.

Turn your child’s toothbrush into a joy with the latest Tralala & DM markt animation. Subscribe to the Tralala channel and start along with Crocodinţilă in the most fun adventure of happy teeth: 2 minutes of correct brushing!

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