■ Happy to introduce the brand new season of “Johny & Friends, Musical Adventures“, the popular hit show featured on the YouTube channel LooLoo Kids!

■ The new season revolves around Johny and comes up with a fresh vibe. The focus is on the feelings and emotions of children, on games, and the interactions of the little ones, but most importantly on friendship and the joy it brings.

The action takes place in a very fancy Long Beach kindergarten, where the children play and discover the world, in a universe full of color and toys, under the loving supervision of their teacher, Miss Anne. The kindergarten is Johny’s perfect playground; this is where he makes friends with our new heroes.

Fun children songs and classic nursery rhymes are once again the perfect occasion for wonderful adventures, full of entertaining and funny events, an ideal opportunity for kids to learn about everything but, most importantly, about their emotions and feelings, about the power of friendship and the significance of kindness!

The new season of “Johny & Friends, Musical Adventures” is here to top up everything you’ve experienced before, with children’s songs and educational animation!

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