5-milions-_subscribers_loolookids_tralala_12We have surpassed 5 million subscribers! LooLoo Kids becomes a model of success worldwide!

■ Mora TV, a company from Iași, which administrates the most successful Romanian YouTube channel, has reached a notable level of worldwide performance, as well. ■The channel called LooLoo Kids, that uploads content for children from all around the world, reached over 5 million subscribers in January 2018, resulting from a growth rate of over 25.000 subscribers per day. ■Applying the same success strategy from the channel TraLaLa in Romania, LooLoo Kids is rapidly becoming one of the most beloved YouTube channels in the whole world.

The YouTube channel LooLoo Kids owned by the company Mora TV from Iași is performing very well on a worldwide level. Recently, LooLoo Kids, a channel that creates 3D animations in English for children, surpassed 5 million subscribers in January 2018. This achievement places LoooLoo Kids in the top most loved YouTube channels worldwide when it comes to audio and video content for children.

Numbers and audience are continuously growing

In less than two years since launching, LooLoo Kids has now become a YouTube channel that has over 5 million subscribers, growing daily by over 25.000 subscribers, over two billion views, and seven billion watchtime minutes. According to official statistics, the over 400 videos that are offered in internationally spoken languages, are played in the homes of over 40 million families around the world. Among the top countries where these videos are being watched are the USA, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and many other countries. The majority of devices that LooLoo Kids is watched on is made up of mobile phones (43% of the total viewership) followed by Smart TVs and tablets.

A model of success and big plans for 2018

The history of LooLoo Kids shows that when there’s quality content delivered on YouTube, content that is well-executed and adapted to the target audience’s needs and wants, success can be within arm’s reach. LooLoo Kids started only less than two years ago, which showcases the Mora TV model of success based on the TraLaLa channel in Romania. In fact, TraLaLa is currently the leader across all segments of the measured Romanian YouTube market.

Mora TV’s plans are very ambitious for 2018, as the international YouTube channel LooLoo Kids is expected to have 15 million subscribers by the end of the year.