Now it’s easy to teach children how to draw because the new animated series dubbed in Romanian called “Louie” will show them the easiest ways to use their coloured pencils. Through songs and fun times, kids will be able to draw on paper the outlines of their most favourite things. The cartoon series “Louie” are a reliable educational source for parents and teachers.

Is your kid under the age of 4 and you find it challenging to teach them how to draw?
Because we are parents too and have gone through the same challenges, we decided to launch a new animated series called “Louie”, on the 2nd of February! Either they’ll be watching it at home or in kindergarten, Louie is a good drawing teacher for children. The characters Louie and Yoko turn the world into real drawing lessons for the little ones. This is the way that us here, at TraLaLa, understand the need to become a partner for parents and children from all over the country in their fun educational process.

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Your kids can expect new episodes of “Louie” every Tuesday and Friday, at 6 pm, only on TraLaLa!

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