■ In December 2017, TraLaLa became the most popular YouTube channel in Romania. ■ TraLaLa is dedicated to offering songs and videos with trustworthy content that is fun, as well as educational, mainly to children and their parents. ■ TraLaLa is managed by MoraTV, a company that has produced and created over 350 songs and 400 animations.

The front runner in Romania’s YouTube rankings has changed. For the first time in the history of YouTube statistics in Romania, a channel with content for children has managed to become the most popular YouTube channel in the country. TraLaLa, the YouTube channel that in the last year has become a revelation on the internet in Romania, has managed to surpass big music names like INNA and Andra, as well as large recording studios like Cat Music and Roton Music. This shift in the rankings is due to the large number of songs and animations on TraLaLa created specifically for the winter holidays, but also to the fact that December is the time of school festivities and educators use TraLaLa’s media content to support them.

Hundreds of videos, billions of views

According to SocialBlade, a well-known statistics platform for tracking the evolution of social media channels, the TraLaLa channel is first in Romania, with 1.8 billion views and over 3.7 billion watch time minutes. TraLaLa’s success is the result of thousands of hours of passionate work with dozens of lyricists, singers and top animation specialists. They have created and produced the over 350 songs that are loved by kids all over the country, and staged over 400 animations with characters that the little ones are very fond of. Since 2016, TraLaLa has started uploading several cartoon series that are dubbed in Romanian, such as BabyRiki, Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking and Everything’s Rosie.


TraLaLa’s story – or about growing (up) with songs for kids

The TraLaLa YouTube channel was launched in October 2012 by spouses Cristina and Alexandru Badan from Iași, Romania and it’s managed by the company, MoraTV. If in the beginning the channel was driven by the founders’ pure passion, in time TraLaLa became a real creative force in the audio-visual field dedicated to children. The simple and catchy songs were complemented by high-quality video productions and even educational cartoons.
Creating content for children that has a strong educational purpose has been TraLaLa’s main mission and has been the element which has made this business thrive. Today, the beloved YouTube channel is followed equally by kids and their parents, and even grandparents, who find trustworthy content in the songs and videos that bring smiles and good spirits to families.