The most sung Romanian tunes for children are very well known for a long time now. These songs that are appreciated by everybody, but especially by the little ones, are now available on CDs. Day after day, the Mora TV team used to get dozens of messages on their email, Facebook page and YouTube channel, from parents who wanted to order the TraLaLa songs in a format that would allow them to listen to the songs in other ways other than on YouTube. Children wanted TraLaLa songs beyond WiFi, beyond phone data or in areas without any data coverage. Respecting the fans’ request, the Mora TV team has put together a selection of 15 songs that, starting with February, are available on CDs. This way, songs like “Un cățel mititel”, “Alunelu’, hai la joc” and many others that are loved by kids and adults alike, are now one click away on or can be found on the multimedia shelves in Carrefour, Cora and Mega Image hypermarkets.
Soon, TraLaLa CDs will be available directly on the new website, together with many other gifts. Be TraLaLa and buy the CD with the songs kids enjoy the most!  

We can buy the cd from