The songs that lulled entire generations can mostly be found on the highest viewed YouTube channel for children, TraLaLa. Starting with the first months of 2017, these songs are available on a CD as well, and can be found on the shelves of major retailers in Romania or online at

These are news that send kids to sleep and sooth parents’ and grandparents’ hearts! It’s said that the language that we love in and that we lull our kids with is very difficult to change, no matter where we live and whatever language we are currently speaking. Maybe because of this particular reason, the lullabies from the TraLaLa YouTube channel with multimedia content for kids represent a group of songs that are very appreciated and viewed constantly, no matter the season, and especially around noon and in the evening, when children nap or go to sleep at night. And the best and most restful sleep, according to fans on Facebook, is brought on by our lullabies. That is the reason why, fuelled by parents’ requests from all over the world, we have created the CD called “Nani, nani” which contains ten carefully chosen lullabies. This CD, which comes with a gift car sticker, has the most appreciated lullabies that can carry your kids to dreamland in no time! We are happy when we notice the impact a song and animation has that our team has worked so much on. And we are happy to hear about the little ones’ sweet dreams! Be TraLaLa!


We can buy the cd from