■ The LooLoo Kids YouTube channel has been awarded the diamond button, the most important distinction awarded by YouTube. ■ The distinction confirms the original content and outstanding performance at an international level: 10 million subscribers. ■ With almost 15 billion watch time minutes, LooLoo Kids has become one of the most influential educational channels in the world and one of the most trusted media resources for children.

The LooLoo Kids YouTube channel that has quality animations and educational content for children in English, has managed to reach the performance to be awarded the diamond button, the highest distinction given by YouTube to original content creators that surpass 10 million subscribers.

In only 22 months, LooLoo Kids managed to climb in the top 10 children YouTube channels at an international level, regarding the numbers of subscribers, being one of the most watched English channels that offer quality video and audio for children and parents.

The already known LooLoo Kids hits are sang by millions of children from the United States of America, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Filipins and even more European countries.

More than 460 animations that are available on the LooLoo Kids channel managed to record almost 15 billion watch time minutes, performance reached only by the greatest international artist of the moment.

Also, the star of the channel – the song Johny Johny Yes Papa has over a billion watch time minutes and, also over a billion views, thus becoming an international hit for the little ones.

The LooLoo Kids receipt for success consist of animation videos that have a quality that can compete with Disney creations, educational content carefully chosen by recognized specialists in children education and songs that have a rhythm that draw the attention of the little ones. The animations and the content of LooLoo Kids have thus managed to gain the trust of billion parents from around the world that chose the LooLoo Kids creation as quality educational resources for their children’s education and free time.

The diamond button, the highest distinction awarded by YouTube confirms the effort of the LooLoo Kids team and validates the original and quality content offered to children’s entertainment consumers by imposing the LooLoo Kids channel as one of the world’s leading media resources in the Kids and Education segment.