Johny, Johny, Yes Papa, the children’s hit – as it is known in a lot of countries, managed the fantastic performance to be on the 1st place in the top most viewed videos on YouTube in 2018, in a ranking made globally by the Top Trending team.

Johny, Johny Yes Papa is also the star of the YouTube channel LooLoo Kids, one of the most appreciated children quality content channels worldwide. With 1,3 billion views, the video that tells the story of a cute, strong little boy has a strong educational impact for the little ones.

The educational content, positive examples and songs with rhythm make a great ally in the educational process of the little ones from the videoclips shared by LooLoo Kids.

The LooLoo Kids YouTube channel managed to reach millions of subscribers from around the world that voted this communication tool as one of the most trusted when it comes to quality educational content for children.