A zebra called Zigby is a character that has fascinated millions of children from all over the world! Created by the English writer Brian Paterson, Zigby was first the star of an illustrated book series and then his fame grew bigger through his own 3D animated TV series. The show is currently on Treehouse TV, and it was previously on Playhouse Disney and CBeebies.

Zigby lives in a tree house on a luxurious tropical island.During each episode, Zigby goes through a series of different adventures that captivate children’s attention. His slightly eccentric behavior is always encouraged by his friends McMeer, a lovable meerkat, and Bertie Bird, a scaredy-guineafowl.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm, Zigby’s friendly, colorful manner welcomes children, as well as adults, on his adventures on TraLaLa – the biggest YouTube channel for kids in Romania. All the episodes are dubbed in Romanian so that kids can understand all the fun happening in the fascinating, tropical setting.

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